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Holy Week Part 1


I found this card in the chapel of my school today, and I thought it was the perfect way to start off reflections for Holy Week.

This is a week unlike any other in our year of faith. At least, it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the fact that lots of people are on spring break (or like us, wildly anticipating spring break). It’s easy to get caught up in studying for tests and being slammed by homework. It’s easy to get caught up in making prom plans (who even invented the group text on iPhones anyway?!). Or, it’s easy to just get caught up doing nothing.

To truly enter into Holy Week, we must make the effort. Whether that’s attending Daily Mass or just finding the daily readings and reflections online, it’s a time we can embrace as an opportunity to grow closer to Christ.

One of the most intimate and beautiful ways we can do this is by uniting our small, daily sufferings to that of His. It’s a practice that we’re supposed to do all year long, but Holy Week is like the “spiritual bootcamp” time for our soul. It’s a time to totally surrender that which holds us back from Him. And for many of us, this means offering up our sufferings.

I’m reading The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis right now (it’s a classic…I’m talking like 1418 A.D.) One of the passages that struck me today was entitled, “Temporal Suffering Should be Borne Patiently After the Example of Christ.”

MY CHILD, I came down from heaven for your salvation and took upon Myself your miseries, not out of necessity but out of love, that you might learn to be patient and bear the sufferings of this life without repining. From the moment of My birth to My death on the cross, suffering did not leave Me. I suffered great want of temporal goods. Often I heard many complaints against Me. Disgrace and reviling I bore with patience. For My blessings I received ingratitude, for My miracles blasphemies, and for My teaching scorn.

It absolutely addresses the core of Holy Week. The simplest way we can grow in love this week is to offer EVERYTHING (our prayers, our works, our joys, and especially our sufferings) to Christ. Whether it’s small or big, rather than dwelling upon what burdens us, we can humbly offer it to the Lord.

To be continued.

As always, love and prayers,



Hey friends! I know it seems like it’s been FOREVER since Brandon or I have been on here, and I want to apologize for that. Frankly, the AP course load and junior year were a little more challenging than I was anticipating. 

But here we are! And it’s Tuesday of Holy Week! Stay tuned for a reflection, really soon. I promise :) 

In Him, 


Anonymous said: when does the catholic liturgical year start?

The first Sunday of Advent! 

(Catholics get to have New Year parties before anyone else!) 

Anonymous said: Help me :( I go to a public school. My political economy class is making us write about gay marriage and abortion (two social issues that MR & Obama argue about). I had to write in support of Obama, and his social issues but, I don't! I completely oppose abortion, and I felt so bad writing FOR it... The thing is, my final is basically the same thing (arguing about gay marriage & abortion), is it legal for public schools force you to do this assignment? I don't want to go through the guilt again.

Wow, that’s a tough position to be in! 

First of all, pray for the spiritual gifts of fortitude and understanding. I’m not kidding. The Holy Spirit is dying to give them to you, and they WILL help. 

Second, do you feel comfortable talking to your teacher? Like is there any way you could explain that you feel really strongly about this and simply don’t feel comfortable totally renouncing your beliefs? (I went to a public school through my freshman year and had a similar circumstance, and while it was totally freaky to be the 14 year old girl not wanting to defend embryonic stem cell use, you’ve got to follow what you know to be the TRUTH!) 

And if they CAN force you to do this…..then something is seriously wrong with our schools. But I’d just ask. 

Stay strong, trust God, and cling to prayer! 

I’ll be praying for you! 


(p.s. I’m really sorry that it’s taken me SO long to respond, but if the final has already gone, then I hope all went well!) 

Anonymous said: Hello there! May I request the opening of a submission page? I have a question which is quite detailed, and it doesn't fit in this small ask box. Thank you for your time!

Hello! The submission page is now opened, and we look forward to reading your question! 

God Bless! 


(and I apologize for taking a while to respond!)


Hello world! It’s been a LONG time since Brandon and I have been on here, hasn’t it? 

Sorry about that.. 

I just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve been updating our website, and you should TOTALLY check it out. 

Here’s a link! 

I do see your questions in our ask box, and I promise that I’ll try to get to them! 

God Bless you all! 


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